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Using the firefighter-website you can create a website for your fire department without much effort. No programming skills or know-how of website maintenance needed. Using our website construction kit ist the fastest way to a modern website for your fire department.

Perfect for professional and volunteer fire departments, because the ongoing development ensures that you get exactly the functions that you need as a fire brigade.


Integration of google Calendar on the firefighter-website - mobile
Home of the firefighter-website - desktop

Additionally to providing a modern layout – on pc and smartphone – the firefighter-website offers tailor-made functionality. From incident reports to integration of your youth organization and your social media presence, everything comes out of the box. Needless to say that the presentation of your team, your equipment and your fire station is part of our solution for your website.

Function Overview


Incident Reporting

Inform your municipality via incident reports of your services. Easily doable from location using our mobile editing tools.

Breaking News

A breaking news segment that stands out and is animated. The user will immediatly spot it’s importance.

Social Media Integration

Our standard package offers your users the option to directly interact with your facebook feed.


Present your squad. Decide on the amount of details yourself. The available demo shows examples.
see the demo

Resources & Equipment

Using our website presentation of the history of your fire department, your fire firestation and/or your equipment is easily possible.

Ease of Use

The main focus of our solution is ease of use. For you and for the users of your new firefighter-website.

Always Up-to-date

The firefighter-website is continuously recieving new features and improvements. You get every update and all new functionalities at no extra charge.

No start-up costs.

There is no cost hurdle. You pay an annual fee but no extra cost for installation or configuration. Full cost transparency and cost control.

Easy administration

Whether on the computer or smartphone: Our solution is easy to use. Keep your website visitors up to date directly from the operation site. Type in text, add a photo made with the integrated camera of your mobile phone and post it to the website. It is as easy as it sounds.

Backend view of the firefighter-website - mobile

Additional functionality


Your fire department does not have a web adress yet. No problem, tell us your desired domain and we will take care of it.*


In order for the website to work, you need an installation space. We’re happy to help if needed.


Daily backups prevent data loss. We make daily backups and keep them for 14 days.

*) the domain has to be available.

Oberösterreich Aktion 2022 der Feuerwehr-Website
Oberösterreich Aktion 2022 der Feuerwehr-Website

Basic package “firefighter-website”

The basic package includes your fire-fighter website without additional functionality at a minimum term of 24 months. The setup is free.

starting at 269.00 € annually


starting at 19.00 € annually


starting at 39.00 € annually


59 € annually

*) applies to a minimum term of two years and constitutes a discount of 10% compared to the annual payment of €299.00 / year. All prices are net and do not include value added tax.

Frequently asked questions

I already have an old website. Can I replace it with a new firefighter-website?

Of course! We feed your new firefighter-website with the data of your old website and replace it with your new firefighter-website at the agreed date.

What kind of information do I need to provide?

For the initial setup we need the coat of arms / logo of your fire department, a high resolution image for the main page and general contact details (address, telephone number, e-mail adress, …) After the initial setup of the fire-fighter website, you can easily add all the other information you want to display yourself. If you provide us with portrait pictures and names of your squad members we will include them in the initial setup.

How long does the initial setup take?

As soon as we have access to domain and hosting provider, initial setup should be completed in two working days.

Do I need to buy your domain and hosting packages?

No you do not have to buy a domain or hosting package from us! If you already own a domain you can keep using it. Same goes for hosting. It is necessary that your existing hosting meets the requirements (see next question)

What are the hosting requirements?

We do not have high requirements. We need PHP (Version 7.3 or higher), a database (MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB 10.0 (or higher)) and of course some form of webserver software (Nginx or Apache). If you are not sure whether your existing or planned hosting meets these requirements, we will be happy to get this information for you.

Is there documentation available?

Of course! Our detailed documentation is available at https://www.firefighter-website.com/documentation. As soon as we conclude our contract, you will automatically receive login data for the documentation. In addition, the documentation is constantly being supplemented and expanded as new functionality is added to the fire-fighter website.

Help! I'm stuck. Is there support available?

Of course! We are available for you by phone (+43 7237 66003) during normal office hours. Alternatively, you can send us a support request at any time at support@feuerwehr-website.com. We will get in touch with you no later than the next working day.

What is the minimal contract term?

Our minimum contract term is 24 months. Thereafter, it is automatically extended by 12 months until the contract is not terminated. Both parties can terminate the contract with at least two months’ notice of the extension date.

Can I add functionality to the fire brigade website by myself?

No, sadly that is not possible. But we look forward to feedback and information at support@feuerwehr-website.com which further functionality is needed or desired. Should some functionality be needed by several fire departments we will do our best to add it.

In which languages will the Firefighter-Website be available?

At the moment it is available in German and English and we are working on a translation into Italian and Spanish (Autum 2022). Later there will also be a French version available (Spring 2023).

Who is behind the firefighter-website? Who is this "Rocket Crocodile Consulting GmbH"?

The Rocket Crocodile Consulting GmbH is a marketing- and IT-company seated in Katsdorf (Perg) in Upper Austria. Our company’s focus lies in digital marketing, web development, online shops & social media and online advertising. In the area of ​​license management, as a Microsoft partner, we concentrate on the correct licensing of companies and license sales.

One of the CEOs 🚀🐊 is a volunteer fire fighter himself and after implementing a website for a local fire department, the idea to the fire-fighter website came to us while having a cup of coffee.

One more question ...

You are welcome to call us (+43 7237 66003) during normal office hours or mail us at info@feuerwehr-website.com. Or would you prefer WhatsApp? No Problem you can reach us under +43 664 42 30 760.

A simple to use and maintain website so you can focus on more important things.

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